Diversity Grants To California Universities Are Politically Correct Pandering And Social Engineering

Are we overdoing the whole variety aspect in our colleges, colleges and universities? Some say no, and declare that the entirety is better this manner. Yes, it’s far; IF we do now not allot countless cash to such matters diverting that money from the actual lecture rooms. Unfortunately what is happening now’s that we’re telling every person there is a problem to spend even more money on a non-existent trouble or one which is now barely visible for cutting-edge members.

What we are doing is convincing scholar that they have got been harmed by way of bigotry, racism, etc. Then seeking to deprogram that narrative with extra programs, while all we really need to do is prevent making headlines out of teenybopper occasions or claiming there’s a excessive problem. Right now, pretty much every person is aware of that it is secure in faculties and faculties due to all the focus on diversity, no want to spend extra money or create endless layers of leadership and management who PR the trouble to guarantee their activity safety and then take credit score for solving a hassle that in no way existed in the first vicinity or was slightly noticeable besides.

According to the Los Angeles Times; "Cal State offered $60 million in federal offers to assist diversify biomedical studies," by using Carla Rivera on October 22, 2014. The article stated; "Three California State University campuses Wednesday have been presented extra than $60 million in federal presents to help train low-profits and minority students for biomedical studies careers. The NIH presents are for five years and encompass $22.7 million to Cal State Long Beach, $21.Eight million to Cal State Northridge $17 million to San Francisco State University to broaden mentorship programs, have interaction college students’ households, enhance coaching and broaden community-primarily based research tasks."

The only trouble with all that is that those presents cite Hispanic Students as minorities, however at most of the campuses where these presents were given, Hispanic Students aren’t in the minority of the populace, they’re in fact in the general public. If Hispanic Students who’re in the bio-sciences pick out to be nursing college students in preference to bio-researchers that is not unusual, then that is their choice, despite the fact that that truth is because of beyond nudging of Hispanic Students into nursing programs. The trouble with these range packages is that they don’t rejoice range as tons as "force diversity" which is thought to reason battle, cite: History.

Indeed, I can really consider better ways to spend $60 million in our Cal State System, how about you?

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