The Role of Mobile Libraries in Supporting Education


A Mobile library refers to a definitely equipped and reinforced car or bus that visits schools consistent with a everyday time table, with a sources collection that can be borrowed via freshmen and teachers. It also can be used to refresh a school’s aid collection by way of issuing of block loans. This version of library is operated from a relevant library/depot of sources, consisting of local or district schooling useful resource middle. The mobile library carrier changed into initiated mainly to relieve the demands for library carrier at the primary libraries by way of attaining out to the overall populace with the sole aim of providing correct and modern records to fulfill the desires in rural schools.

Butdisuwan (2000), described Mobile library as a library that serves groups and places that are distant from a local library. They are mainly run from Monday to Friday and from time to time on Saturdays.

Knight (2006), described Mobile Library as a huge car to be used as a library. It is designed to preserve books on shelves in order that the books can easily be accessed by readers while the car is parked. The automobile used usually has sufficient area for humans to study the book interior of it. They are regularly used to offer library service to villages and city suburbs which have no library buildings. They also can serve corporations of these who have difficulty having access to library services.

Niemand (2004), described Mobile library as a library housed in a large van that offers a stay service to the ones not able to attend their nearest nearby library.

Requirements for the Operation of a Mobile Library

Some of the requirements wished for the operation of a such services are highlighted accordingly:

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